Privacy Policy

When you use Kl7agh.com, we collect a collection of information about visitors, directly or through third parties. This information varies if you register or choose to browse the site without registering. The information we collect during the registration process is the visitor’s name and email.

We use a range of Google services that in turn collect a range of information such as your location, the device you use, your operating system, your browsing style, and another set of information that Google services identify and collect.

We use visitor information to improve site services, to communicate with visitors and to improve advertising and e-marketing. We do not share or sell and do not intend to sell this information to anyone, unless a third party with a different privacy policy acquires Kl7agh.com.

What information do we collect?

We collect your name and email during the registration process. You do not have to register to use the site, but some of the site’s services may require registration to use.

We also monitor your IP address and location to guide you to the correct home page.

What information is collected by third parties?

We use a range of Google services that collect information about visitors to the site. We can obtain this information and details as well as historically, in accordance with Google’s usage and privacy policy.

Our Google services collect the following information ( and other) about visitors to the site, which we can obtain:

Geographical location

The device used and information about its components

Operating system and information about it

The user’s web browser and information about it

Ip Address

Isp Information

Browsing path

Browsing behavior and style

We recommend that you also read Google’s privacy policy.

What do we do with the information we collect or obtain?

We use the information we obtain from all sources (personal or non-personal) in the following:

Improving and developing our services

A deeper understanding of visitor browsing behavior and patterns

To make the site browsing experience more personal and appropriate to the visitor’s needs

To send emails (we don’t share or sell your email and we don’t send excessive messages)

To prepare internal/external aggregated reports (such as visitor and browsing reports) without containing any personal information

To improve our advertising and marketing and make it more effective

How do we protect your information?

We use a range of protection methods to ensure that visitors’ personal information is preserved. The information we obtain through third parties, such as Google, is their responsibility to protect and maintain it as we do not store it on our servers.

Do we use cookies?

Currently we do not use cookies, but this could change in the future. If we start using cookies, we will amend our privacy policy to disclose this and clarify it.

Do we disclose or share any information with third parties?

No. We do not sell, barter or share visitor information (personal or non-personal) stored with us or that we have access to through third parties (such as Google) with anyone.

From time to time, some consolidated reports can be made public and published publicly or sent to the media or investors, but without any personal information in any of these reports.

The only case in which we can disclose the visitor’s data (personal, non-personal or both) is at the request of a court in the case of legal disputes, on the laws of the requesting court state and at the formal request of this court.

Link and redirect to other locations

Sometimes we may have links to third-party sites, either through advertisements or by prior agreement with these sites. In these cases and when the visitor clicks on the link and goes to another site, we may be asked to send some information to this external site such as the visitor’s internet address, geographical location, browsing path for the Kl7agh.com site and so on…

In these cases we will only share non-personal information to the visitor if he or she clicks on external links.

Once you leave our site, it is your responsibility to recognize the privacy and use policy of these linked sites as we are not responsible if their policy is different from ours.

Okay, okay.

By using Kl7agh.com you implicitly agree to the privacy policies on this page.

Changes to privacy policy

Any change in our privacy policies will be amended on this page. We reserve the right to amend our privacy policies without personal alerts. All visitors to the site are advised to check our Privacy Policy page constantly for any changes.

If the site’s privacy policies change, we will make every effort to alert visitors to the site about this change, but this cannot be fully guaranteed.