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The Kl7agh.com (referred to here as “Kl7agh ,” “Kl7agh .com,” “We” or “Site”) is an analytical site for historical prices of products sold on shopping sites and online stores in the Middle East and North Africa such as Souq.com, JUmia, Wadi, jarier, and so on.

By using the site, you are considered to be fully and implicitly in accordance with its terms of use.

Every visitor has the right to use the site without an exclusive right, a transferable right or a saleable right to any number of times he wishes without violating the terms of use.

The main objective of the site is to introduce the user to historical prices of products available for sale on online shopping sites and online stores in the Middle East and North Africa. This helps visitors make the decision to buy better, but the decision to buy the product or item remains the decision of the user or visitor in full and the site does not offer that purchase tips.

The site is available to all users without any distinction. If there are restrictions or laws prohibiting the use of the site in your country, we do not withhold use from any group of users.

If you are unable to browse the site from within your country, please contact us immediately and let us know the details.

Cost of services

The site currently offers its services for free. This could change in the future. The website reserves the right to continue to provide its services free of charge or to change this in the future and to provide services in return to the best commercial benefit to the site. There is no obligation on the site to keep its services free, paid or a mixture of both. The site can also provide some services in the future that may be paid.

Site neutrality

Each Kl7agh.com website is a neutral site for all online shopping sites and online stores. We have no preference for one shopping site over another. Our primary goal is to help the user reach a proper and appropriate purchase decision regardless of where the product is to be purchased.


Each need.com has a system and a strict way to determine whether or not we will cover a particular shopping site. Some of the factors to consider are the size of the online shopping site, its brand name, its spread, the countries in which it operates, its reputation, the quality of the goods it sells and so on…

Some online shopping sites may not be of economic benefit to Each Need.com website to be covered by its services. Kl7agh .com does not have a commitment to cover any online shopping site unless it sees added value to users from the coverage of this site.

Contains Kl7agh.com

Each need obtains product prices and other information available about these products from online shopping sites through automated technology. In addition, the site determines the timing of these prices and saves them in their databases.

This historical data is an asset of Kl7agh  and the site has the right to use, lease or sell it to the best commercial benefit to the site.

No user or visitor to the site, individualor or company, may automatically copy or read the site or any of its internal pages or use the site’s data and content on its website, portal or page, as well as in traditional channels (e.g. newspapers, paper magazines and similarities) without the written permission of the site’s management. Failure to comply with this will result in warning, withholding and prohibition of the use of the site, status on the black list, litigation and claiming damages for material damages.

The site uses many methods to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information it provides, but the site cannot fully and absolutely guarantee that all the sciences provided will always be accurate at all times.

Users and visitors should understand that the information and analysis provided through the site is for information purposes only. Any differences, errors or delays in providing product or price information should not be seen as the responsibility of the site.

We make every effort to fix and correct errors or delays as quickly as possible.

Intellectual property

All trademarks are for companies that own and register by their names.

All product names, addresses, descriptions and images are the responsibility of the merchant or owner of the product in question.

Visitors or users of the site are in no way permitted to use third-party trademarks, licenses or intellectual property, whether for profit or not.

The product price data we collect and store in our databases is our own intellectual property as well as both the site code and the algorithms used in it.

User and visitor obligations

When registering on the site, users and visitors are required to provide real information about themselves. If you sign in to the site using a Facebook account, it must be a real account and represent the same person who uses the site.

Users and visitors are obliged not to do anything that affects or may affect the performance, safety or security of the site.

Users and visitors also agree not to extract any form of content/data/price, directly by downloading it, by copying and pasting manually, by automated methods or indirectly using reverse engineering for any part of the site.

Agreements with third parties

The site currently and may in the future enter into agreements with some or all of the websites and electronic stores covered by the site with its services, so that the site receives a percentage of sales if the visitor is directed from the site of each need to the store site and made the purchase.

As marketers of Amazon and Souq through marketing participation programs, Kl7agh  receives a physical commission on purchases that comply with the terms of this program.

In all cases, we maintain our neutrality to all online shopping sites, and we will not prefer one over another. Our ultimate priority is to make the best use of the site visitor or user.

However, we can allow any website to advertise online or e-commerce on our site. In this case, ads will be displayed in certain areas on our pages and this is not a preference on our part.

End/block use for misuse:

The Site reserves the right to block, exclude or terminate the use of any individual or entity of the site’s services in the event of a violation of its terms of use. It also reserves the right to take legal action against individuals or entities, regardless of their place of residence or nationality, who violate the terms of use and claim damages accordingly.

Okay, okay.

By using the Kl7agh.com you implicitly agree to the terms of use on this page.

Adjustments to the terms of use

Any change in terms of use will be modified on this page. We reserve the right to modify the terms of use without personal alerts. All visitors to the site are advised to check our Terms of Use page constantly for any changes.

If the terms of use of the site are changed, we will make the utmost effort to alert visitors to the site about this change, but this cannot be fully guaranteed.

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